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We are preparing a garaging seat for classic and racing cars, at few kilometers from the highway exit. This location is also suitable to organize parties and exhibitions. It is a small and closed yard with a garden in which we got an exhibit area for cars.
There is also the opportunity to keep cars there ; this is a guarded and protected location, car batteries are protected and serviced, cars are always ready to be used having been covered with personalized clothes.

In case of owners from abroad we also offer the airport “pick up and take to” service allowing the owner to bring his car in a comfortable way and only for the use he desires to do.
Having the car always ready and available in Italy where most of races take place It’s a great advantage for those people who want to partecipate to meetings and races ; our Company is conceived to perform transport and service for different exhibitions with skilled personnel and all the necessary spare parts.

At the moment we propose the following services at very interesting prices, including:

- car garaging in a closed and heated environment in winter

- condition keeping at the delivery moment with electrical support:

- personalized covering cloth;

- availability for the prompt use of the car in any moment of the year;

- Owner pick-up and take to the airport/station

- web connection with customized acces to the webcam to record the car in the garage;


- this location is suitable for the organization of events, parties and exhibitions

- body shop specialized in restauration of classic cars and racing cars

- car transport with special means of trasnports;

- service during races and exhibitions with skilled personnel

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